Wonderful is officially a Shopify Plus Partner

We’ve got some big news: Wonderful is officially a Shopify Plus Partner. That means that Shopify, themselves, considers us the cream of the crop when it comes to all things Shopify – enough that they recommend us as one of their select few preferred vendors for their highest tier of customer. That says a lot, and we are excited to be listed as such a prestigious class of creative team.


What is Shopify Plus, for all the folks who are new to ecommerce

Shopify is one of the most powerful and commonly used ecommerce platforms in the world, powering 1 in 10 of any ecommerce experience on the internet. Bottom line: Shopify is awesome right out of the box. Shopify Plus, however, is even better. It’s Shopify’s most powerful product, which upgrades the standard functionality of Shopify’s already awesome tools into an enterprise-level powerhouse. Between Shopify and Shopify Plus, brands ranging from small to “break the internet” big have a robust and scalable ecommerce solution, at a fraction of the cost and overhead required by other ecomm platforms.

All that is neat, but here’s why it matters to you

Ecommerce can be a rollercoaster, but with the right partner you can hit the loop-the-loop without wondering if your harness is on right. That means, your eyes stay on your brand, and toward the future.

This is where Wonderful and Shopify come in. The reason we recommend Shopify is because it does one thing exceptionally well: it serves ecommerce websites reliably. The reason why Shopify recommends us is because we’ve proven ourselves in our ability to build Shopify solutions that enable brands to thrive. When it comes to our approach with Shopify, it isn’t about “buying a template to drag and drop some cool royalty-free photos in”. It goes much (much) deeper than that.

For example, with Athletic Brewing Company, we built a fully custom Shopify Plus-powered iOS application to cultivate an engaged community. The app was the result of a deep dive into the company’s demographics and customer behavior, which informed the team as to how to design an app worthy of being deemed “sticky”.


With Ladder, we partnered with Lebron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger to take their new sports supplement brand from concept, to high pressure launch, to explosive growth, to acquisition.

With Organic Olivia, we helped strap rocket boosters on the back of a wellness brand that had outgrown its previous struggling WooCommerce website by reinventing its experience on Shopify Plus so that it could continue to grow at a powerful pace, without losing sleep.

With Irene Neuwirth, we built an absolutely stunning and custom shopping experience worthy of the prestige their jewelry exudes, and most importantly the site functions like an absolute workhorse under the pressure of high pressure, high dollar sales.

Different sized brands. Different industries. Same outcome.

It’s a fact

Shopify converts 36% better than other ecommerce platforms
Source: Shopify

All jokes aside, this isn’t a humble-brag

We love helping brands of all sizes grow, and so many brands need a partner they can trust in an industry where it can be hard to tell up from down. It means something when Shopify partners with a firm like Wonderful: it means brands can trust we will deliver.

Whether your needs are big or small, we can help you. Even ask Shopify. (wink).

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