An Ice Cold Mobile App, Freshly Brewed

Beverage brands like Red Bull and Liquid IV have struck chords with athletic aficionados for decades, building bridges between athletes, events, and the constant pursuit of physical greatness. More recently, a brand has emerged to cement its place at the podium of lifestyle-driven beverage brands – one that took the world by storm with deliciously crafted non-alcoholic microbrews and sparkling hop water.

Buzzworthy, indeed, especially for the sober-minded drinker.

Revered for its distinctively superior taste, flavor options suited for just about any palette, and authentic mission-rooted marketing, Athletic Brewing Company isn’t simply changing the game – it’s reinventing a product’s impact on consumer lifestyle, personal fitness, and general happiness.

If you haven’t caught on by now, we’re big fans of the brand. So when the good folks at Atheltic came to Wonderful with the goal of reinventing their digital shopping experience through an iOS application, we geared up to develop a mobile app unlike any other the industry has seen.

Wonderful Project Services 

  • Product design
  • Business architecture
  • UX strategy
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • UX content writing
  • iOS development
  • Back-end engineering
  • Shopify development
  • Project management
The Athletic Brewing Co mobile app home screen creates a streamlined user experience similar to instore shopping.

During research, design, and development, our project teams pulled live data points from website purchase journeys, customer lifetime purchase value, and Athletic’s current subscription model (to name a few) and blended that info with Athletic’s broad content network to create a lifestyle-driven shopping experience that mirrors the authentic connection usually reserved for in-store engagements. 

Developing a frictionless subscriber program was core to this project since that was identified as a critical component of the cutting-edge iOS application. To execute this task, the product design process adopted an approach that prioritized the product over the subscription – a significant shift from Athletic’s former subscription shopping flow.  

Content Is King, But Products Rein Supreme

Given Athletic’s substantial investment in unique content, including blog posts, podcasts, videos, and event coverage, the Wonderful team had a wealth of touchpoints to utilize in developing customized user experiences. Isaac, Wonderful’s Head of Products, put it this way:

“When you shop inside a store, you’re able to interact with products and people. You can have conversations with a representative of the brand or an affiliated event, interact with displays, and feel a connection to the product. We wanted the app to convey a lifestyle shopping experience rather than simple utility.” 

Athletic Brewing Co Optimized Mobile App Screens
The newly designed Athletic Brewing Co mobile app experience prioritizes products and content to create an optimized subscription shopping flow.

Finally, it’s important to note the business architecture component. The project team measured each design decision against the business case for it, always leading with the goal of improving ROI, and in this case, growing Athletic’s subscriber base. An effective app should give its audience a reason to come back in between purchases. Athletic’s content marketing and brand playbooks gave us tons of winning plays to draw from for building their iOS app. 

When it launched in October 2022, the Athletic app was met with positive reviews and a market brimming with thirsty adventurers. Download Athletic Brewing Co from the App Store today, and see for yourself what the buzz is all about.

Click or tap to download Athletic Brewing Co from the App Store

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