Just a little bit ago, we posted about how the speed of your ecommerce site matters, and even 100 milliseconds of slowness can cost you 7% in sales on your ecommerce site. After we posted that, we ran across an article by Neil Patel that references the same fact, but puts it into context a little better: if your ecommerce site is making $100,000 per day, a one-second page delay could potentially lead to $2.5 million in lost sales every year.

Of course, not ever ecommerce site makes $100,000 per day – but do the math and extrapolate for your case. Make $10,000 per day? That $250,000 in potential missed sales because of a delay in page load.

In the context of ecommerce, where competition is fierce, this fact is an eye-opener. It illustrates how, in our speed-driven digital landscape, even seemingly minuscule delays can amount to significant financial loss.

For ecommerce site owners, this means website speed isn’t just about user experience – it’s also about bottom-line business results. If page load times lag, the customer’s journey is interrupted. This delay can lead to customer frustration, abandoned shopping carts, and ultimately, lost revenue. Moreover, since page load speed is a factor in search engine rankings, a slow site could also harm your visibility in search results, potentially costing you even more in lost sales.

So … you knew speed mattered, but sometimes it’s good to see it laid it in terms of money. Keep your performance up 🙂

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